Spiral Freezer

Spiral Freezer

JET New Style Spiral Freezer is based on JET team`s over 20 years experience in freezing equipment design and manufacturing. It`s originated from Europe design, optimized from conventional spiral freezer and improved accordingly to market demands. JET New spiral freezer is a high efficient freezing system. Product is conveyed on mesh belts doing spiral movement inside freezer to make food fast frozen.

Product features::

Rational design, safe and reliable running: the design originated from advanced Europe.

echnology. Double protection, both mechanical and electronic, ensures reliable running.

Simple operation and easy cleaning and maintenance: freezer can be operated only after simple

training, no special requirement. Sloped and fully welded base structure is easier for cleaning and

faster drainage. Inside space is larger for easier maintenance.

Convenient and flexible production operation:

more flexible in input and output direction options and also easier to match with other equipment,

realizing streamline production.

Double sided stainless steel insulation enclosure: enclosure plate is made by high-quality double

sized stainless steel with polyurethane inside. The enclosure door is made with double-layer

sealing strip, and equipped with a heater to prevent freezing.

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Product Application

JET New spiral freezer is widely applicable for aquatic product and seafood, hot pot product, meat products, pastry, poultry, ice cream, bread dough fermentation, etc.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Stainless steel structure: the structural components is made of stainless steel material,

including main driving chain wheel, chain, bearings and bearing seats in the belt driving parts.

Conveying belts are made of high strength SUS304 spiral mesh. High frequency

induction heater is used for rod header forming that lead to more stable running and longer life.

Evaporator: made by industrial level Aluminum alloy, like tubes, fins. Dense tube

configuration to optimally transfer heat.

Reliable driving control and stainless PLC: spiral movement is from Europe technology,

belts operation is under variable frequency control, belt moving speed is stepless adjustable.

                                           Spiral Freezer Technical Specification
Model Dimension (mm) Base Load Fans Quantity Freezing Capacity (Kg/h) Belt Width (mm) Product Height Limit Spiral Tiers
JNS1*6112 6800*4750*3100 25KW 6 500 610 55-175mm 12
JNS1*6512 7900*5350*3100 32KW 6 750 650 12
JNS1*6518 7900*5350*4050 40KW 8 1000 650 18
JNS1*7118 9500*5950*4050 52KW 10 1500 710 18
JNS2*6112 11280*4750*3100 28KW 6 750 610 12
JNS2*6512 12800*5350*3100 35KW 6 1000 650 12
JNS2*6518 12800*5350*4050 45KW 8 1500 650 18
JNS2*7118 14500*5950*4050 58KW 10 2000 710 18
Referenced product Fried chicken nugget Infeed temperature: 65℃, Outfeed temperature: -18℃
Optional Infeed & Outfeed direction, Tier spacing, Fan quantity, Total tiers, Rotation direction, Belt width (520mm---1060mm)
Tailored design as per customer requirement