Tunnel Freezer

Tunnel Freezer

JET tunnel freezer is an individual quick freezing device with advanced design and good performance. It`s specially featured by larger freezing area and wide range of applications. Individual freezing, block freezing, tray freezing are optional to meet different product requirements. Multiple dimensional airflow in closed tunnel makes good freezing performance and improved freezing quality, efficiency.

Product Features:

Quality IQF product, no congealed block after freezing, reaching export standards of food hygiene.

Short freezing time and good performance with air cross ventilation.

Multiple dimensional air blow: up and down, right and left, food product frozen perfectly.

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Product Application

Stainless steel belt and mesh belt can be chosen for different food product.Stainless steel belt tunnel freezer is suitable for freezing and processing high liquid content,soft and fluid food, such as meat, fish fillet, shrimp, scallop, pastry, etc. Mesh belt tunnel freezer is effective in freezing seafood, poultry, pastry, diary products, etc.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Good quality conveying belts ensure matching hygiene standard of food processing.

Stepless speed adjustment by inventor. Freezing time adjustable as per different food.

Aluminium evaporator, high heat exchange rate and improved hygiene standard./p>

Stainless steel insulated enclosure filled with PU foam for good heat insulation and

clean appearance.

                                          Tunnel Freezer Technical Specification
Model Dimension (mm) Base Load Fans Quantity Freezing Capacity (Kg/h) Belt Width(mm) Product Height Limit
JNB1212 12000*2500*2700 16KW 4 300 1200 55-175mm
JNB1218 18000*2500*2700 22KW 6 500 1200
JNB1225 22000*2500*2700 28KW 8 750 1200
JNB2*1218 18000*5200*2700 44KW 12 1000 2*1200
JNT1211-300 13500*2350*2650 11KW 4 300 1200
JNT1514-500 16500*2450*2650 20KW 8 500 1500
JNT2216-750 18500*3050*2650 26KW 8 750 2200
JNT2618-1000 20500*3450*2650 39KW 12 1000 2600
Referenced product Aquatic product Infeed temperature: 20℃, Outfeed temperature: -18℃
  Belt width can be optional as customer requirement, 1000~3500mm