Self-stacking Spiral Freezer

Self-stacking Spiral Freezer

JET high efficiency self-stacking spiral freezer is a kind of food industrial production equipment with multifunctional and successive running. The principle is food products are conveyed to vertical cold airflow area by self-stacking spiral belts. The cold air is exchanged via evaporator to freeze foods quickly and evenly, resulting in food core temperature reach requested point shortly. The complete process ensures each product frozen individually and continuous mass production as well. Food products pass through crystallized zone at maximum speed to reducing freezing time leading to achieve higher quality product and minimal dehydration.

Unique self-stacking conveying belt system:

Self-contained freezing area, improves freezing capacity utility and product impossible to be blow away.

Smaller belt driving force needed, thus smaller power motor is enough to save power consumption.

Ball chain belt drive system: more stable and lower power consumption.

High efficient vertical airflow:

Centrifugal fan: bigger air pressure and volume, less fans quantity.

Fans located on dry side of evaporator, optimized air velocity through evaporator.

Vertical cold airflow is generated by centrifugal fan, shorter freezing time, lower dehydration and higher freezing quality.

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Product Application

High efficiency self-stacking spiral freezer is applicable for all kinds of normal food products, such as poultry, segmented meat, prepared meal, ready-to-eat products, pasta product, bakery, aquatic products, etc. Especially suitable for products with high temperature infeed, like fried item, bakery item, cooked items etc and other products with high quality requirements.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Evaporator with stainless steel tubes with aluminium-magnesium alloy fins are effective, ensures easy cleaning and defrosting.

Adjustable air balance control device: optimize airflow balance, improve freezing capacity efficiency, prohibit heat exchange inside and outside enclosure.

Automatic defrosting(CADF) system: improved evaporator heat exchange efficiency to extend operation hours.

Modular automatic cleaning system: Consistent cleaning results, bacteria deleted to match hygiene standard

Modular fully seal-welded stainless steel floor design: protecting floor insulation from being flooded, eliminating cold air loss and cold bridge, decreasing base load dramatically.

Compact support structure, smaller space occupation and easy cleaning for hygiene standard.

                          Self-stacking Spiral Freezer Technical Specification
Model Dimension (mm) Base Load Fans Quantity Freezing Capacity (Kg/h) Belt Width(mm) Product Height Limit Belt Speed
JSF6624 7600*4200*3600 24KW 2 1000 660 65-105mm 3.5-30
JSF6634 7600*4200*4400 26KW 2 1500 660 3.5-30
JSF6642 7600*4200*5100 26KW 2 2000 660 3.5-30
JSF7630 8850*4800*4200 39KW 2 2000 760 3.5-30
JSF7635 8850*4800*4600 39KW 2 2500 760 3.5-30
JSF7640 8850*4800*5000 39KW 2 3000 760 3.5-30
JSF9235 10200*6400*4900 66KW 3 4000 920 3.5-30
JSF1040 12900*8400*5000 81KW 4 6000 1060 3.5-30
Referenced product Fried chicken nugget Infeed temperature: 65℃, Outfeed temperature: -18℃
Optional Infeed & Outfeed direction, Tier spacing, Fan quantity, Total tiers, Rotation direction, Belt width