Impingement Tunnel Freezer

Impingement Tunnel Freezer

JET High efficiency impingement tunnel freezer is designed as per unique Europe concept, low temperature airflow circulating inside the enclosure and air tunnel is designed specially. Thousands of high velocity jets of air are directed at the top and bottom surfaces of the product when products are moved on conveyor of the freezer. These air jets blast away the boundary layer of air that holds heat around the product, resulting in extremely fast freezing times.

Product features::

High vertical velocity jets of air shortens the freezing time extremely.

Short crust freezing time keeps inside water to lower dehydration dramatically.

Rapid freezing generate no large ice crystals, preserving the cells and the quality of the product, maintaining freshness after thawing.

Higher freezing efficiency allows for shorter overall length and smaller equipment space requirement.

‘Dry side’ fans minimize snow build-up, extend production uptime.

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Product Application

It is specially suitable for fast freezing granular, diced, sliced food, such as scallop, squid, shrimp, fillet, hamburger patties and other thin or flat products.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Evaporator with stainless steel tubes and aluminium-magnesium alloy fins are effective and for easy cleaning and defrosting.

Modular design is easier for installation and re-allocation and gives flexibility to expand

operation by adding extra modules to the existing one.

Interior floor is entirely stainless steel, fully seal-welded to form a bathtub-like hygienic enclosure.

                            Impingement Tunnel Freezer Technical Specification
Model Dimension (mm) Base Load Fans Quantity Freezing Capacity (Kg/h) Belt Width (mm) Product Height Limit
JNI-1M1250 5500x3500x2950 22KW 2 1000 1250 Standard 35mm
JNI-1M1400 5500x4000x2950 32KW 3 1500 1400
JNI-1M1600 5500x4000x2950 32KW 3 2000 1600
JNI-1M1800 5500x4000x2950 32KW 3 2500 1800
JNI-2M1250 10800x3500x2950 43KW 4 2000 1250
JNI-3M1250 16100x3500x2950 63KW 6 3000 1250
Referenced product Hamburger Patty Infeed temperature: 5℃, Outfeed temperature: -18℃
  Modular design for flexible allocation, maximum 3M.