Fluidization IQF Freezer

Fluidization IQF Freezer

JET Fluidized Bed IQF freezer is an inline and versatile industrial freezing unit, suitable for a wide variety of products. It`s based on Europe design concept and made as per the fluidization principle of the product zone, the so-called IQF technique, Individual Quick Freeze. This means that the product “float” through the freezing zone, carried on a cold upwards oriented air current consisting of thousands of high velocity air jets, resulting in fast freezing and prevent being stuck. There are two choice to choose from accordingly to different belt types. One is IQF Track which is a plastic belt conveyor, another is IQF Tray which is a perforated stainless steel belt. .

Product Features:

Stainless steel centrifugal fans generate high velocity, high pressure, low temperature vertical upward air jets.

Pulsation: by modulating only air pressure and frequency over the product bed, this unique

pulsation gently separates delicate products at the crust freezing stage.

Agitation: means IQF belt has a “reciprocating action” at a certain frequency. This is to help

separate wet and sticky products or tumble long, thin pieces for uniform exposure to the air blast.

Large area aluminum alloy evaporator, adjustable fin pitch, prolong defrosting time and ensure continuous running.

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Product Application

The fluidized bed freezer is mainly suitable for freezing vegetables, fruits, rice, diced meat and flake, granular products, etc.

Low maintenance and high reliability

Air bypass: By fine-tuning airflow through the product bed, the air bypass ensures gentle, optimized fluidization.

Automatic control system, stepless speed adjustment by inventor.

Open structure design - Easy access to all areas, easy and fast cleaning.

Continuous operation with CADF: it helps keep high heat exchange of evaporator,

minimize refrigeration load and ensure maximum utilization of freezing capacity.

                              Fluidization IQF Freezer Technical Specification
Model Dimension (mm) Base Load Fans Quantity Freezing Capacity (Kg/h) Belt Width (mm)
JNL-T1-600 4135x3420x4250 38KW 2 1000 600
JNL-T2-750 5860x3810x4250 56KW 3 2000 750
JNL-T3-900 7000x4320x4250 74KW 4 3000 900
JNL-T4-900 8500x4320x4250 94KW 5 4000 900
Referenced product Green Bean Infeed temperature: 20℃, Outfeed temperature: -18℃